"Practice Coach gave me back control of my practice - control of the numbers, staffing issues, client concerns, and most importantly, the future. My consultants promised me that they would make it simple and teach me what I needed to know. They delivered on their promise. Our profit is up by almost 60%. Without Practice Coach, I would have never reached my goals."

Carita Meyer, DVM

Blackbob Pet Hospital
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Choose Success

Be Deliberate

We know that being deliberate about your practice results and organizing time to do that will yield great returns for patient care, staff engagement and practice profitability.  We’ve helped thousands of practices reach their goals, and we’re confident we can assist you in reaching your next level of success.

Get Results

You desire to control your own destiny and that requires a different level of organization, coaching and implementation.  We are honored to provide that level of strategy, training, education, team development and systems refinement to result in a stronger and more profitable practice and more fun and fulfillment in owning your business.

About Solutions

We understand that you want to enjoy your practice, and with our Solutions program you can. We will teach you how to be the best CEO you can be, which means you will learn and implement proven techniques for practice success focusing on both patient and practice care. Let’s roll up our sleeves and help you achieve the practice you’ve always wanted.

Comprehensive Practice Analysis

Your consultant will conduct a thorough analysis of your practice to begin your consulting relationship. During this time, we will gather and analyze data from different areas within your practice to develop a roadmap from which we can determine areas of focus and implementation goals that will help your practice become more successful.

On-Site Office Visit

Our diagnostic and training visit will focus on the optimization of your patient schedule, technology, operations, staff and space utilization to elevate your patient experience, achieve a more controlled day and improve practice profitability. We¹ll discover other areas of opportunity during our visit as well and work them into our on-going plan of action.

Unlimited Consulting

We’ll help you define your goals in every area of your practice and then co-manage implementation to help you achieve your desired results. Our recommendations will be specific to your situation, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to monitor your progress.

Live Training

Our Solutions workshop provides business and operational training for your entire team with special focus practice growth, improving average client transaction, client patronage and retention, improving perceptions of value, organizational structure and building a culture of engagement and innovation to strengthen your practice foundation.

"I have gone from putting out fires and barely keeping up, to having the time to be a visionary. Now, I am able to guide the practice and to plot our future. I even have time to play — to do things outside of work-work-work."

Kristin Woestehoof, DVM

Front Range Animal Hospital
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Comprehensive Practice Analysis

Whether you would like to grow your practice, manage your profit centers more effectively, or spend more time away from the office doing things you enjoy, the key to managing your practice wisely and successfully begins with a comprehensive analysis.

Our business consulting team, lead by your personal consultant, will analyze your financial data, operations and systems, productivity, employee engagement, market and competitive forces to create strategies, objectives, and a training and implementation action plan, unique to your practice, to drive transparency, accountability, and results.

Whether you are seeking additional opportunity or an improved lifestyle, Solutions will increase profits, improve staff performance, and elevate your patient care.

On-Site Office Visit

Your consultant will make a personal visit to your practice for a diagnostic and training session, including assessment of key metrics, evaluation of staff, analysis of office flow and design and more.

Pinpoint Practice Assessment

Practice Coach is proud to offer our new Pinpoint Practice Assessment. Based on your answers to 40 thought-provoking questions, Practice Coach will provide insight into the strengths and opportunity areas within your practice. By better understanding your practice, you can improve it. Complete our free assessment to get started.

Unlimited Consulting

Your Solutions program includes unlimited consulting that covers every major element of practice management as well as any other special projects you may have in mind.

Implementation Consulting

Once your plan of action is established, you¹ll work closely with your consultant to implement the programs, procedures, and analytics needed to get you practice on track.

Strategic Consulting

If new and unexpected issues should arise, such as a new associate or an office relocation, your consultant will collaborate with you to evaluate and determine the best course to take.