The New Normal: A Battle or a War?

The day-to-day battle for clients and growth is no longer a battle, it’s a war. This is the new “normal” for veterinary practices. In this session, we zero in on the specific strategies to fight the daily battles and win this war to grow your practice, despite the gathering forces of competition. This session teaches you how to improve client perceptions of value, improve client compliance, improve client retention, and increase new clients. We will cover some fundamental rules of marketing and help you understand the importance of unique value propositions. So put on your battle gear and join us to face the challenges of the new “normal.”


Executive Vice President


The New Normal: Preparing Your Team for Battle

In the war for growth and client retention, the most valuable weapon you have at your fingertips is your team. But, are you really preparing them for the day-to-day value transactions with your clients? Are they ready to go to battle with purpose and understanding of how to really gain and retain clients? This session will cover how to train your team to enhance practice growth by using your mission to help them understand why you do what you do, and how to market that to create real client bonding. You will learn how to evaluate employees on the performance spectrum and the importance of arming them with the information and purpose they need to go into battle!


The New Normal: Putting Together Your Battle Plan

Great generals lead armies into battle by using great strategy. You can train for battle and arm yourself with information, but how do you prioritize and put it all together when your to-do list is longer than the hours in the day? This final section of the track covers strategies for mapping out your battles plans, prioritizing projects based on identification of key areas of revenue need, and delegating these projects to the entire practice team. You will leave with a plan of attack to start implementing for growth and client retention with your team as soon as you walk back in the door of your practice.

Senior Consultant

President of Transitions

Keys to a Successful Practice Transition

How and when do you take the first steps toward successfully planning and executing the transition of your practice?  Learn keys to achieving a successful transition, including an accurate practice evaluation, tax and liability considerations, the right financing options, and carefully-crafted terms and conditions.